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The number one service and information provider for Malawians, NGO workers, travellers and small/medium businesses.

Malawi Travel displays Malawi for all your needs and adventures. It gives you great information about the discovery of and travel guidance to and in Malawi and specified by it's regions: Southern RegionCentral RegionNorthern Region and landmarks: Lake Malawi and African/National Parks. Connecting you to proven services and businesses. Malawi Travel also provides great information on what to do and see and when events take place. Welcome to the Warm Heart of Africa!

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    What we do

  • Provide extensive Malawi information and zoomed in by Region plus Lake Malawi and African/Nartional Parks. 
  • Promote approved, trusted, safe businesses: Places to stay; Restaurants and Bars; How to get around; Groceries and Shopping; Health, Safety and Beauty; Culture and Sports;  Religion; Professional services; Arts and Entertainment; Travel and Leisure and Good Causes for every region in Malawi.
  • Support Malawian artists, cultural and religious houses, cultural events and good causes.

What to look for in Malawi

Malawi Travel offers insights for you to find businesses/services of interest in Malawi by region to help you find your way around. Click for a region on the map or the picures below.

Regions and Landmarks we serve

We present you with approved, trusted, safe and fair price businesses and their services by region. This will help you where to go, stay, eat/drink and shop and how to get there.


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