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Despite Malawi is a small country in Africa in comparison, it inhabits a wide and diverse range of wildlife, making it the perfect place to visit for amazing opportunities to explore or experience gamedrives, birdwatching and an amazing marine life in Lake Malawi with 500 species of fish. The Lake Malawi National Park, an Unesco world heritage site is a must to visit.

There is great support and activity to improve wildlife conservation and viewing in the many national parks and wildlife/nature reserves. Ongoing it includes the restocking of the Big Five and to attract safari fans to the country. So count Malawi in as a Big Five destination, elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino, leopard (the 'Big 5') and cheetah. 

Malawi is a bird sanctuary with an amazing population of 650 species throughout the country. For the best birding spots in Malawi, visit the five national parks for a bird watching adventure beyond your wildest imagination.

Visitors to the various Malawi reserves can witness bushbuck, grey duiker, kudu, grysbok, klipspringer, and reedbuck. Among the other large mammal species, large populations of elephant flourish the Malawi bush, but also lions, hippos and crocodile can be spotted.


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