Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre: the green heart of the city 

Spanning 70 hectares of beautiful forest, Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is a unique nature reserve in the heart of the capital. The site is run by one of Malawi’s leading conservation organisations, Lilongwe Wildlife Trust. 

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is the perfect place to escape the city. Attractions include an elevated boardwalk and beautiful trails through the forest and along the Lingadzi River - ideal for walking and running. The forest itself is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including vervet monkeys, duikers, bushpigs, jackals, crocodiles, genets and over 200 bird species. As you take a walk, see if you can spot the wildlife sculptures that are dotted around the site, made from recycled materials by Malawian artists. After exploring the forest you can relax at the cafe or browse the gift shop for arts and crafts.

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is also home to Malawi’s only wildlife sanctuary, where injured and orphaned wild animals are cared for before being returned to the wild. However, the wildlife sanctuary is not open to the public. This is because it is a rehabilitation facility which seeks to release as many animals back into the wild as possible. Reducing interactions between animals and people is critical to giving animals the best possible chance of being released. However, entrance fees to Lilongwe Wildlife Centre help to fund its wildlife rescue work – so by visiting you are helping to save animals! 

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust saves wildlife, campaigns for conservation justice and inspires people to value and protect nature in Malawi. CONGOMA No.C466. UK Charity Commission No.1176185.


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