South Viphya Forest Reserve

Established in 1948, has an area of approx. 1150 km², covering much of the southern range of the Viphya Mountains, 

The range runs north-northeast along the west shore of Lake Malawi. The South Rukuru drains northeastwards into Lake Malawi, and the river's lower valley defines northern end of the range, separating the Viphya Mountains from the Nyika Plateau north of the river. The eastern slopes are drained by the Luweya River and other streams which empty into Lake Malawi.

The reserve is home to the vast Viphya Plantation, also known as the Chikangawa Forest, which is mostly composed of exotic pine trees. The South Viphya Forest Reserve also includes three enclaves of native evergreen montane forest at Nthungwa  at 1,600–1,800 m, Chamambo at 1,600–1,800 m and Kawandama at 1,750–1,850 m.

Other forest reserves include Chimaliro and Dwambazi at the south end of the range, Mtangatanga and Perekezi on the western slope of the southern range, Ruvuo, Chisahira, and Nkhwazi on the eastern slope, Lunyangwa and Kaning'ina near Mzuzu, and Uzumara on Mt. Uzumara in the northern range.

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