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Vwaza Marsh

Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve is a national game reserve in Malawi.

In contrast to the Nyika National Park on the Nyika Plateau, much of Vwaza is located on low-lying flat ground although the eastern side of the park is hilly. It is located to the southeast of the plateau and to the north of the floodplains of South Rukuru River and covers an area of 1,000 km2.

The government camp here closed down in 2007, and this may be the reason the reserve is not more popular, but it is a rewarding experience because of the stunning scenery and high concentration of game. There are private lodges nearby where guests can stay. This reserve lies in the north of the country on the Zambian border, and is a backpacker's delight. It is very accessible from Rumphi by car or public transport.

There are wonderful walks around Lake Kazuni (you must be accompanied by a game ranger) as well as 4x4 trails around the reserve. Animals resident around the lake include: many Hippos, Elephant and Buffalo. Many other smaller animals can also be seen, and the birdlife is excellent, with around 300 species recorded in the reserve.

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