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Majete Wildlife Reserve

Majete is a Wildlife Reserve nestled in the south-western part of Malawi with an unlikely story of resurgence and restoration. 

Situated just south of Blantyre in the Lower Shire Valley in Malawi, Majete has taken on a new lease of life since a management change in 2003 and is well on its way to becoming a Big Five reserve. Large translocations of game to this 70 000 hectare Reserve have boosted the animal stocks considerably. Black Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo, Zebra, Hartebeest and many antelope species including Kudu and Roan can be found here.

Many more ambitious projects are underway. Fencing has been put in place and other translocations planned to further increase the existing animal stock. Leopards were re-located from the Kruger National Park in South Africa and Lion are to be reintroduced soon.

The aim is to restore Majete to the state that it was before human intervention making it a premier Big Five safari destination in Malawi. Leopards were the first to be reintroduced as they have less of an impact on prey populations.

Another major attraction of Majete is the Kapichira Falls, with stunning views and rock formations worn and created over thousands of years. There is a luxury tented camp and a community campsite with various activities now available.

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 Photopgraphy by Alice Péretié 


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