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The diverse ethnic groups of Malawi contributes to the richness of its culture. Many different ethnic groups live in the country including the Chewa, Lomwe, Yao, Ngoni, Tumbuka, Sena, Tonga, Nkhonde, and others. Despite the existence of many ethnic communities, there is hardly any tension between these communities.  English is the official language of Malawi. The distinct ethnic groups of the nation also speak their own indigenous languages.


You can play your own sports in Malawi. Golf (9-hole in Blantyre and one 18 hole in Lilongwe) swimming (hotel pools and Lake Malawi), kayaking, snorkling, diving, sailing (Lake Malawi), walking and running (anywhere) and (mountain)biking, climbing and hiking and tennis.


So much to do. Take a stroll, just for the fun of it, to the market or just around town. Have a few drinks on the many nice terraces of restaurants or lodges. Drive or bicycle around, just anywhere in and out of town. Enjoy a great lunch, have a swim and go browsing at shops and craftsman. Plan a trip to hike, mountain climb, bird watch, watersport, scuba dive, golf or horse ride. Top it off with diner and drinks in the great restaurants and bars. Every day is Malawi day

Art-House Africa

Art-House Africa

Art House Africa was established in 2005 for the purposes of selling art and promoting Artists plying their trade in Malawi. Currently Art House is a hub to almost 200 artists and also has 2…
Kungoni Center of Culture and Arts

Kungoni Center of Culture and Arts

The Kungoni Centre of Culture & Art, located at Mua Mission in Malawi’s Central region, was established in 1976. It is recognized as a place where the richness of Malawi’s cultural heritage can be encountered…

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