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Kungoni Center of Culture and Arts

The Kungoni Centre of Culture & Art, located at Mua Mission in Malawi’s Central region, was established in 1976. It is recognized as a place where the richness of Malawi’s cultural heritage can be encountered and preserved. Fr Claude Boucher Chisale, founder and a priest of the Missionaries of Africa, has spent many years documenting various aspects of Malawian culture. The richness of this research has been presented in such a way as to allow people to appreciate and learn from the wisdom of generations of Malawian people

Visit and Learn

When visiting Kungoni we aim to accompany people on a unique experience of learning. See the history of Malawi through colorful murals and exhibits. Join in as we dance to the beat of the drum. Visit the artists as they carve their wood into a beautiful piece of art. Explore the surroundings where nature becomes the greatest teacher. We want to give our visitors experiences of encounter where we all learn   

Kungoni Center Services:

  • Our museum tour presents the cultural heritage of the Chewa, Ngoni and Yao people.
  • Visit our Art Gallery and shop which host a wide variety of the world famous Kungoni carvings and jewelry.
  • Stay the night at our traditionally designed chalets or have lunch at our riverside restaurant.
  • We also have a dancing troupe who perform a full program of traditional dances in our amphitheater. Booking required.
  • Organize a meeting in a calm and conducive ambience. 

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