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Project Soccer Balls for Kids

Bring a soccer ball to Malawi and change a child's life. When you use High Class Taxi transportation service, we are able to donate the soccer balls to our local communities centers for children to enjoy. 

When visiting Malawi for humanitarian purposes, I arrived with many soccer balls in a large military backpack.

Believe me, this was no easy feat.

I was there to do work that was outside of donations but I took it upon myself to bring them to share with the children of this beautiful country.  I honestly had no idea how impactful this was going to be for each community. As I met these different villages and tribes it became clear to me that although each community had an abundance of love, they did not have very many positions at all.

When I would leave one or two soccer balls for each community center, I simply could not believe the joy that it brought to the children. I began to understand that the soccer balls represented more than a donation. They were hope for the entire village. These children are kicking around homemade balls that are made out of parts of trees and plastic and string. To hand them a pump and a soccer ball was one of the best feelings in the world. 

Promptly upon arriving home I decided I wanted to send more soccer balls. I encountered a problem. Getting your shipments to the destination proved quite challenging without spending an enormous amount of money on shipping. To mail a few soccer balls could cost upwards end of $300 in shipping with DHS for a safe delivery.

If you plan to travel to this region, Justin lives minutes from the airport. I trust him to distribute these soccer balls & pumps. I would be greatly honored if you are reading this and heading to Malawi if you would make the effort. You cannot imagine the difference this small gesture will make..

I will be so very excited to hear of the very first soccer ball to arrive. If even one ball makes it to Malawi, it will inspire both Justin & I to get more creative.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

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