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January 1st  ~  Chilimike

These are New Year festivities, celebrated on January 1, as a public holiday. These are celebrated with street parties, traditional music, fireworks, and eating and drinking.

January 15th  ~  John Chilembwe day

This is a day when the earliest hero of Malawi’s independence movement is remembered. His portrait is still on the 500 and 2000 Kwacha notes. 

March 3rd  ~  Martyrs Day

This is held to commemorates those who lost their lives during the struggle for independence which began with the uprising against British Colonial rule. 

March/April  ~  Easter

Christianity is the dominant religion in Malawi. Easter holiday is held in March/April depending on the Gregorian calendar. It is marked by processions and church services, and Good Friday and Easter Monday are both public holidays. 

April  ~  Manda Wilderness Dug-Out Canoe Race

This race brings eight communities together from the Manda Wilderness  area to battle on Lake Malawi. The day starts with a swimming competition for boys and girls, as the adults prepare their crafted canoes for the main event. 

April/May  ~  Zomba City Festival

Zomba City Festival starts on april 29th and is a celebration of the culture, heritage and natural beauty of the one-time capital of Malawi. Expect 4 days full of activities at the city’s most vibrant locations; there will be something to enjoy for everyone’s taste.

May 1st  ~   Labour day

This is a celebration of the nations workforce. 

May ~ Kamuzu Day

This is a celebration of the life and work of their first president, Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda. It is held in May. 

May ~ Eid al-Fitr

A public Holliday. This is a celebration the end of Ramadan (month of prayer and fast for the Muslim community). 

May /June ~ Malawi Fashion Week

This event in Blantyre brings together models, designers, retails, and buyers – giving them the opportunity to network and create new contacts. It’s an opportunity to see some of Malawi’s best offerings when it comes to fashion!

June  ~  Luwawa International Mount Bike Marathon 

The race has been described as a tough but very beautiful route and at a distance of 50km; it starts at Luwawa Forest Lodge and follows the ridge of the South Viphya Forest Reserve. 

July/August  ~  Lake Malawi Sailing Marathon

The first race from north to south Malawi was in 1984 by a few sailors. Now, this tough race became an annual event.  

July  ~  Republic Day

This is a national holiday for Malawi people to celebrate its emergence as a democratic republic on July 6, 1964. It is held in July.

July  ~  Mulanje Porters Race

The annual Mount Mulanje Porters Race is 22 kilometers in distance. The 3-hour race is attended by hundreds of participants every year, both male and female and from all over the world. The run is up and across the plateaus of Mount Mulanje.

August 10  ~  World Lion Day

Malawi is the home to lions which were re-introduced to Majete Wildlife Reserve and Liwonda National Park. World Lion Day is therefore an important day to celebrate!

August  ~  Malipenga Dance Season

Malipenga Dance Season is a northern traditional celebration of the end of harvesting. Demonstrations take place all over the districts including Karonga, Rumphi and Nkhata bay .

August  ~  Interregional Music Crossroads

Music bands from all over Africa compete in Blantyre. The prize is a European Tour! This experience is the best of Malawi’s contemporary talent and music. 

August  ~  KuNgoni Open Day

This is a cultural festival that takes place in the KuNgoni Centre. It will display drummers, singers and dancers from the surrounding villages and the Chewa, Yao and Ngoni peoples. 

August  ~   Blantyre Arts Festival

This festival promotes Malawi’s creative and cultural heritage. It is held in Blantyre. 

September/October  ~  Lake of Stars Festival

This is a spectacular four-day event held along the shores of Lake Malawi. It is featured on the global music festival calendar, showcasing both Malawian artists and international guest bands with styles ranging from reggae, Afro pop and traditional folk to famous global DJs. Proceeds are donated to charity.

October  ~  Likoma Festival

Likoma Festival is Malawi’s annual Island festival. The Festival is aimed at promoting tourism on Likoma District. 

October 15th  ~  Mother's day

A public holiday held on Worlds Rural Women’s day October 15th

November  ~  Sand Music Festival

This is a 3-day music festival based at Senga Bay as an alternative to Lake of Stars. 

November  ~   Blantyre Arts Festival

This takes place in November in Blantyre, and showcases traditional and modern theatre, dance, poetry, and the visual arts in venues across the area. 

December 25th  ~  Christmas

This season is the most joyful time for families and is celebrated with gift exchange, church services, songs, and fireworks, celebrating the birth of Christ. 

December 26th  ~  Boxing day

Public holiday, the second day of Christmas.



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