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Annie's Lodge Cape MacLear

Annie’s Lodge was Established in 1986 in Area 2 of Malawi’s Capital city, Lilongwe, called Annie’s Coffee Shop. Later a Backpackers in the same location opened in 1994 due to a high demand for hospitality services. It has since Expanded Phenomenally. The Head office is in Zomba (Est 2003) while in Lilongwe it has two establishments, in Area 47 (Est 1996) and in Area 10 (Est 1997). The latest is in Malawi’s Business Capital, Blantyre, In Nyambadwe suburb (Est 2010).

Annie's Lodge has five destinations for accommodation seekers to choose from. Our lodges are conveniently located, destination in the south and central region of Malawi





We strive to offer quality services at affordable prices. ...
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