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About Us

We are  a Malawian, Western based company. We know Malawi and it’s people, expats, travelers and selected business' as no other. We make the match between the desired service and selected providers.

All providers must meet western safety, -comfort, -environmental and service oriented standards and must mainly employ Malawian people, paying a decent hourly wage.

Our proceedings go to promotional activities, better service and information for expats and travelers.

We also support NGO’s that are good for the Malawian community such as Raising Malawi and Nurses for Peace



Regions we serve

We present you with approved, trusted, safe and fair price businesses and their services by region. This will help you where to go, stay, eat/drink and shop and how to get there.


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"Malawi Travel” will be the number 1 one stop and shop for Malawi expats and travelers. "Malawi Travel" can help you to be included in this exclusive network. We will help you to establish yourself (better) as a business/service provider on the net and strive to help you increase your revenue. Unveil yourself on "Malawi Travel" to initiate or strengthen your (web) presence. Our mission is to help grow Malawi's small & medium business at fair pricing and fast go to market for you. You can open up to our expat/travellers and local and around the world network, for more and better business.

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Be informed about exciting Malawi news, featured participants and just nice to knows about Malawi!

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