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A great video by Reach Out For Life-Malawi

Protect yourself, protect your family and protect those around you.

Stay safe!

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In low income countries people have no money to bring their deceased loved-one home for bereavement and burial or cremation. Parents, family and communities need bereavement in order to cope with their loss. "Nurses for Peace” provides for the transportation home for their deceased patients.

Do help out and donate on Nurses for Peace.

In 2012, Madonna launched a partnership between Raising Malawi and the global nonprofit buildOn. Together, Raising Malawi and buildOn have built 14 primary schools in rural Malawi and educated community members about the importance of girls’ education. Students who attend these schools no longer have to walk miles to reach a school in a neighboring village, learn math under a tree or study their ABCs under a thatched roof.

Today, the Raising Malawi schools serve nearly 10,000 students, fulfilling Madonna’s commitment to making learning and school accessible to Malawian youth. 

See what Raising Malawi means for people!

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