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TREEZ - The Reforestation of the Environment and Ecosystem of Zomba


We strive to protect and preserve one day at a time

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it is not.

Dr Seuss - The Lorax

Due to the increase in population and the need for woodfuel for cooking and heating, Malawi has lost 85% of its trees in the last 20 years, and as the graph shows: at current rates of population growth and deforestation, by 2025 the country will no longer have enough biomass to sustain the population. 

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Bahasi Orphanage needs your support & compassion


In spite of our achievements it is important to acknowledge that BAHASI also continues to face many struggles and challenges. Overall BAHASI struggles mostly with a lack of financial support. We need your help!

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Let's protect each other

Let's protect each other from Covid in Malawi

A great video by Reach Out For Life-Malawi

Protect yourself, protect your family and protect those around you.

Stay safe!

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Community Health Project

Community Health Project Malawi - Nurses for Peace

In low income countries people have no money to bring their deceased loved-one home for bereavement and burial or cremation. Parents, family and communities need bereavement in order to cope with their loss. "Nurses for Peace” provides for the transportation home for their deceased patients.

Do help out and donate on Nurses for Peace.

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