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Lake Malawi National Park

Lake Malawi National Park is a national park at the southern end of Lake Malawi in Malawi, Southeast Africa. It is the only national park in Malawi that was created with the purpose of protecting fish and aquatic habitats. Despite this being its main purpose, Lake Malawi National Park includes a fair amount of land, including a headland, the foreshore and several small rocky islands in Lake Malawi.

The Lake Malawi National Park incorporates the beautiful Cape Maclear, a World Heritage Site. The park lies in the south of the country, and is the world's first freshwater park. It includes the land area around the cape and bay, as well as the Lake and islands as far as 100 metres offshore.

These waters are an absolute delight for snorkelling enthusiasts. There is also boating and canoeing on offer. There are 600 species of the colourful Malawi Cichlids, which are endemic here. This diversity of freshwater fish is unequalled in the entire world. The abundant freshwater fish will feed directly from your hand while snorkelling in Lake Malawi.

In the surrounding areas, various animals and birds can be found, including Baboons, antelope, Hyrax, Fish eagles, Hamerkops and Cormorants. There are a number of excellent places to stay, all of which offer many exciting activities. There are even some beautiful romantic island hideaways.

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