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Welcome to the possibility to express your business on the web

"Malawi Travel" is pleased to show you what your business/service web page could look like, keep in mind this is only an example to see what such an expression could mean for you.

The concept we want to portray to you is a simple one. It appears not to be easy nor economical to create a website of your own when you are in the small and medium business space in Malawi. It is our mission to help that sector of Malawi to achieve, in rapid pace, access to the internet to market your services and products. "Malawi Travel" has the vision and the strategy to support  at very minimal to limited cost to the SMB's and provide powerful tools to attract the consumer for your services. 

We have the capability to quickly bring you to market on the net, with your own webpage, with indexing on search engines and our "Malawi Travel" site for more success of being found on the internet. We can provide you with a clean and attractive look and feel for all to see on any smart device, desktop, ipad etc. But most of all to that you are found in searches and appeal to your end consumer, local or elsewhere in the world.

See a provisional template below and you can also see current business' on our participant page.

Participant Provisional Webpage

Just an example for visualization purposes by "Malawi Travel"

Your page can start with a banner with one or more images or just a plain image that benefits your business

All pages are optimized for search engines, social media shares. As a participant you will not just have a page by itself, your business is promoted in the kind of business, region and directories of the site. So you have many ways of being found on the net. We can also integrate your page with social media such as Facebook, Instagram and the like.

Your own webpage without your own website investment and operating costs!

Designed with you and developed & operated by Malawi Travel in no time!

Your Business Name

A description of your business, history, vision/mission to make the visitor clear what you are all about. The elevator pitch. 

You may include images, galleries, videos or other information that you feel is representative of your business. 

Also a location map can be included so people can locate you easily, integrated with Google maps.

Your contact information, address, phones/fax social media accounts. Naturally email and website if you have one. Logo and slogan as well.

As a participant you can update yourself as needed

Your Business Activities

Here you can promote what you do, types of service and/or product you sell. What makes you unique and special.

Each item has a title, description and links to a new page. One or many pages is possible, or none.

Your Business News, Specials, Events...

In this area of the page you can promote anything for your business that is needed to get more business or to inform your customers.  

As a participant you can create these yourself or ask us to do it for you. Naturally all items you post must be in line with the standards and policies of "Malawi Travel". Each item has a title, description and links to a new page. See example page

You Need More? Can Do!

"Malawi Travel" offers many options and is very flexible, with fast deployment. 

Let's discuss the options to suite your needs!

Be informed about exciting Malawi news, featured participants and just nice to knows about Malawi!

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