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Annemarie Quinn

Whilst living in Malawi, Annemarie also worked as Arts Programmes Director at The Jacaranda School For Orphans funded by Madonna's charity Raising Malawi. Annemarie also co-founded the NGO Music Against Malaria, raising funds for health care whilst preserving the cultural heritage of Malawi, and performed regularly at venues and festivals across the country including Malawi's largest music festival Lake Of Stars and Tumaini Festival in Dezleka Refugee Camp.   

Blue Sky Thinking

is an album bringing together a wide and talented range of Malawian musicians to inspire, collaborate, compose, perform and record; a rare opportunity for a British singer-songwriter to be fully immersed into a country’s culture for 4 incredible years. 

Featuring over 40 musicians, Blue Sky Thinking is 4 years of experience, emotion and culture. It is the total immersion into a country’s culture, environment and artistic community with one opportunity leading to the next. It is the story of humans from all walks of life connecting, creating and merging cultures.  

Blue Sky Thinking has been shaped by the bustle of a thriving Malawian market, the beats of a bao game, the sunsets over the national parks, choirs singing on the back of pick-up trucks and the constant push and pull between loving this amazing country and respecting its culture whilst staying true to her own.  

Shakers crafted from deodorant bottles and seeds, brass recorded on the shores of Lake Malawi, homemade traditional instruments, and Jacaranda School For Orphans’ Choir come together to bring a flare of Malawian sound to a singer songwriter’s vibe, creating this one of a kind album.   

'Blue Sky Thinking' is available to download and stream now on all major platforms, listen on Spotify,

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