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Best Properties is a registered Real Estate Agency in Malawi owned by Samuel Jere (Bachelors of Business Studies, Cert IT).  Best Properties has a strong background in the achievement of sustainable growth in the real estate field with more than 1000 trade referees.

We have a proven track record of aggressive marketing of real estate properties, negotiations real estate transaction as well as closing deals. Best Properties also work hand in hand with other well-established real estate firms as well as members of Built Environment Malawi. Best Properties also holds membership with Association of Real Estate Agents Malawi and Real Estate Talk Malawi. 

We offer the following Services:

  • Property Sales/Letting                                                                
  •  Sketch Maps & Designs
  • Property Marketing                                                                      
  • Property Valuation
  • Real Estate Contracts                            .
  • Advisory Services
  • Deed Processing                                                                           .
  • Auctioneering

Our core areas 

Residential Properties

  • Houses, Flats, Apartments, Duplex, B&B, Plots


Commercial Properties

  • Offices, Warehouses, Cottages, Farms, Plots




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Chinyonga Opposite Chinyonga close 1, No. 6

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