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Chris TIkhala Eddie Taulo, Well known as Cris Teé The Drawing Magician , Is a self taught Malawian artist based in Blantyre where he was born and rised, and was born on 14th September, 1999. Cris has been drawing since his early age of 5, but he never knew that drawing would become his career someday till he was inspired by Peter Masina ( a well known professional artist ) at Chichiri Museum in Blantyre and was take for art training to deepen and sharp his knowledge about art at the age of 15, and has been drawing ever since. Cris is now a professional in handling color pencils, graphite , pen and ink and charcoal also does acrylic, oil and watercolor painting with same craft as some of his minor medium and dwell on making Photo Realistic Illusion Drawings and has developed his own style and technique in art. He is also the Founder of ART MASTERS INT, an Internet platform for all artists to showcase some of there art online and helps in exposing upcoming visual artists. His artworks have inspired a lot of people some of which he has given art training.

Cris is still a dream chaser striving in his world of art, always making sure that any of his work is better than the previous one being able to showing the world something new and different everyday and giving you the best of African art.

Drawing Has Always Have Been Part Of My Life And It Would Be A Shame To Waste My talent

" Cris Teé Taulo "


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A Sub-Saharah Photo-realistic Drawing Illustion artist. ...
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