Emmanuel Phale

Emmanuel Phale is a visual artist based in Lilongwe Malawi. I am a self-taught artist and he has improved his art career through reading books. I started drawing at a very young age which can be dated to around 2005 when I was in primary school. Since then I have been researching on the best way I can express myself through art and the best medium I can use.

After learning from other artists, I was able to start using charcoal as the best medium for me. In July 2021 I attended the art in the park art showcase and exhibit. It was my first time to do an exhibition which opened my eyes to how I can work to create the best out of myself. I have attended a few on-line exhibits like the Incredible Talents Competition and exhibit where I have learnt a lot in art.

My ambition is to become a world class charcoal pencils artist and help influence art recognition in Malawi and across the globe. I want to be able to be one of the supplier of art materials as it is hard to purchase art supplies here in Malawi. At the same time help to get investors from within and outside Malawi to buy art from local artists as it is hard to sell artworks in the country.

My wish is that one day I can be able to achieve these goals and I urge sponsors to help in building the art industry in the country.

Buy Malawi, buy from local artists.


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Achieving to be the best charcoal pencil artist ...
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