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Jimmy Malinga - G'me

Jimmy, stylised as G’me, lives and paints in Malawi. Originally from Kasungu, he has lived in Lilongwe for most of his life. He began painting at the age of eleven, with a keen interest in portraits and land scapes, and occasionally abstracts. He works full-time as a freelance artist, working to commission or selling through galleries and exhibitions and also he is one of Art in the Park event team based in Lilongwe. Jimmy lives in Lilongwe with his wife and three children.
Working usually with palette knives in oils and acrylics and charcoal, graphite pencils, water color,
Jimmy’s art often captures the majesty of Malawi’s landscapes. A master of light, he casts ordinary people going about their work as his broad strokes craft lyrical settings around them.
By turns expressive and ambiguous, his portraits speak to the dynamic diversity of human condition. Often laced with humour or melancholy, his careful palettes evoke the interplay of a range of emotions, underpinned by technical excellence and flair.

Exhibitions :

WESM wildlife of Malawi 2007-2011 annually
Gtz, goethe institute and Germany Ambassy Lilongwe Malawi 2010
Molten Blue Lilongwe Malawi 2015 and 2016
Turbine art festival
June 2018 La Galleria Lilongwe Malawi
Art in The Park June 2019
Kaza kitchen August 2019 , May 2021
Art in The Park November 2020 and June 2021

Where to buy

I sell my art on Etsy.

Artworks sold at  exhibitions in different locations like Four Seasons in Lilongwe, Latitude 13, Kaza Kitchen. Here and there people also come to my place where I have art studio.

Impressions of my Art

My Art on Instagram


Expressive art - landscapes in my own way, abstracts , portraits. ...
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