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Kingfisher pride ourselves on a friendly and accommodating environment.  Our aim is to make our guests feel at home, so please relax and let us make your stay an unforgettable one. 

We, Staci and I, took a giant leap of faith when we took over Kingfisher Inn, known as Palm Beach for the past twenty odd years.  The resort was in disarray, but fortunately we had the resources to bring this gem back to life. Many alterations, improvements and new additions have been made over the past fourteen months with ongoing intentions on improving the resort.

Kingfisher Inn is not just a beautiful resort where people come to relax, but we offer many added attractions.  Our indigenous trees are home to around 200 species of bird life where bird watchers would be in their element.

We look forward to forming a trusting relationship with you and hope that we have a long and successful partnership in the travel industry.

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We look forward to forming a trusting relationship with you ...
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Bolera Palms, Monkey Bay Road +- 12km from Mangochi Boma

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Kingfisher Inn
June 01 2021

Let's get the wheels rolling again guys. We are returning to the venue of the very first Winter Series race ever held. Over the past few years the Winter Series grew from just 23 entries to 89 entries at our last race in Zomba. We are extremely proud of the growth of MTB in Malawi and it is all thanks to you our valued supporters. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

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