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Temwa Gondwe

Temwa Gondwe better known as Temwah is a Malawian female afro jazz singer/song writer and founder/ CEO of He Matters foundation, she holds a degree in human resource management from the University of Lilongwe.  He maters foundation is a non-governmental organization that strives to nature, unravel full potential and educate a boy child into a modern man of substance and self-confidence who fully understands and lives within his rights with responsibility.

She embarked on her music career contributing vocals since 2009 and has appeared in various newspapers national wide and on television screens of Malawi and lake of stars of 2019 .she has made and  shared music performances with some of the top Malawian urban artists like Lulu, Eric Paliani, Fredokiss as well as Lucius Banda. Her music is of high standard and focuses on educating as well as entertaining both the younger and older generation however she believes that music can be a tool for social change.



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