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How to get around

The most local means of transportation are by foot, bicycle, buses, minibuses, taxis, and self- drive. Buses can be general buses which are cheaper, and the executive buses which are a bit more expensive and require booking in advance before your trip. Buses can take you from district to district and are a comfortable means of transportation. There is a wide range of bus companies according to your budget and choice, some of which include bus services from Team Kwezy buses, and Sososo coaches, just to mention a few.

Sabaoth Recovery Services

Sabaoth Recovery Services

Sabaoth Recovery Services  is a local organisation that was established in 2019 in Lilongwe. Sabaoth Recovery Services is a 24/7x365 days per year breakdown and recovery service.

Services in Central region / Lilongwe

We present business in the Central Region & cities by type of business. When you click on a tile below you will be presented with participating businesses on the site.

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