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The Presidential Task Force on Coronavirus is reminding the general public of the travel requirements for Malawi through different points of entry including the airports and land crossings that became Effective 1st June 2022.  The following are the travel requirements:

1. All intoming travellers, including Malawians, that are fully vaccinated and have an electronically verifiable COVID-19 vaccination certificate are no longer required to produce a COVID-19 PCR certificate prior to entering the country.

2. All incoming travellers , including Malawians, that are not fully vaccinated or don’t have an electronically verifiable COVID-19 full vaccination certificate are required to produce a negative PCR based COVID-19 certificate that is not older than 72 hours at the time of arrival in the country.

3. COVID-19 PCR certificate and or full COVID-19 vaccination certificate requirement for outgoing travellers depends on the destination country’s requirements.

4. All children below the age of 12 years are to enter Malawi unconditionally (accompanying vaccinated parents/ guardians).

The public is further informed that the COVID-19 vaccination program is continuing across the country and let me take this opportunity to encourage all those that are aged 12 years and above to get vaccinated at the earliest possible time to ensure that they are protected from developing severe disease, risk of hospitalization and deaths due to COVID-19. Globally, there is strong evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective in reducing the severity of the COVID-19 to those that have been fully vaccinated. 

The evidence from the country’s COVID-19 data indicates that the majority that are being admitted due to severe COVID-19 and those dying from COVID-19 are not vaccinated. The best time to get vaccinated is now so that our bodies are prepared to fight the disease when exposed to the virus. We have adequate stocks of the COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca) in all our vaccinations sites across the country. Let me request those that have received the vaccines already to be role models and encourage everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated.

The COVID-19 safe environment begins with all of us. 

📸 Art by Chisomo Lifar


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Wednesday, 29 June 2022

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