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The main health risks in Malawi are Malaria and travelers’ diarrhea. So, travelers must take prophylaxis against Malaria, use insect sprays, mosquito repellents, and mosquito nets, to prevent themselves from catching Malaria. To  diminish the chance of diarrhea, consuming tap water and ice cubes are not advised, raw fruits must be washed before eating, and only hot, well-cooked foods should be consumed.

Safety and Security

Malawi is in 2023 in the top 45 % peaceful countries in the world and in the top 20% peaceful countries in Africa!  One should take sensible precautions, just like anywhere else, to protect yourself from muggers and bag-snatchers. Most thefts from visitors take place around the main bus stations in Lilongwe and Blantyre. Never find yourself walking the streets after dark. Leave valuables and cash in a safe. Do not flash your money or jewelry around. Keep copies of important documents in a separate place Report any thefts to the police as soon as possible.

You should avoid all demonstrations and rallies, remain vigilant and follow the advice of the local security authorities and/or your tour operator.


Malawian markets, shops, saloons, malls, and barbershops have mostly imported products you need for your beauty needs. There are professional beauticians and barbers that offer international services. Most Malawian women prefer hair extensions and braids but being in natural hair is becoming a fashion in most parts of Malawi.

Bella Cosmetics

Bella Cosmetics

BELLA is a registered company in Malawi. We are the authorised distributor for the products the Balm from USA.  Why chose THE BALM? WE are Talc free, Paraben free, Against animal testing!
Q's Kloset

Q's Kloset

Q's Kloset  is a retailer that sells cosmetics, hair-care products, skin care products , beauty tools , perfumes and also clothes, jewelry, handbags and shoes. (Now we are more focused on makeup & skin care, we have…
Towela Mkanda Yoga classes

Towela Mkanda Yoga classes

Towela is the CEO of W.H.O.A meaning Warm Heart Of Africa. She hopes to bring the warmth of the people and the heat from the land around the world spreading “the fire and the light.”

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