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Regulations and Terms of Services for Applicants

"Malawi Travel" empowers you in having great experiences. Therefore we only present handpicked proven, trusted and safe businesses on our site.

All participating business' do not only comply with Malawian Laws and Regulations but exceed to the level of international hospitality and safety standards.

1. All venues on Malawitravel.org underwrite the following rules of hospitality.

It is all about you as guest. Your stay is unique, and service is our priority. Our success is in the details and it is up to us to make your day as guest.

2. All venues on Malawitravel.org make sure that their guests are safe.

All service providers reduce the risk of harm in any way

3. All venues on Malawitravel.org comply to the national Corona regulations.

We inform customers and enforce the regulations.

4. All venues on Malawitravel.org act in an environmentally safe manner.

All facilities reduce the use of water, electricity, waste and air pollution.

5. All venues on Malawitravel.org underwrite enactment as a good and responsible employer.                  

Complying to the Malawi Occupational Safety, Health and Welfare Act.

Employees earn at least twice the mandatory minimum wage:  70.000 Malawi Kwacha per month

6. All food/beverage venues on Malawitravel.org underwrite the food/beverage safety rules:

Cleaning – We make sure we wash our hands (20 seconds), clothing, surfaces and   equipment are clean before, during and after cooking and preparing beverages.

Cooking – We make sure our food is cooked (62 degrees for fish and 75 degrees centigrade for meat in the core) throughout to kill harmful bacteria.

Chilling - make sure our foods and beverages are stored at the correct temperature (0-5 degrees centigrade) to prevent growth of harmful bacteria.

Avoid cross-contamination – We prevent the spread of bacteria to surfaces and ready to eat food and drink beverages.

We serve/sell no alcohol to children up to 17 years old and customers that seem alcohol intoxicated.

Inside our premises is smoke free.

5. Car rental and taxi venues on Malawitravel.org comply to the Malawian car security and insurance.

Cars(s) are maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications. At least yearly check or maintenance of (brakes, (spare) tires, springs, wheel bearings, exhaust, seatbelts, oil, spark plugs, cooling liquids/system) and windows.

Our cars are smoke free.

6. All venues on Malawitravel.org agree the usage of their public pictures, text and film by Malawi Travel for promotional purposes.


7. Any agreement with Malawi Travel in writing of any kind is legally binding for the duration of the agreement.







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